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Compressors Air Dryers Process Pumps and Fire Pumps Control Panels Flow Instruments Storage Tanks

PipelineGlobal Engineered Products head offices are located in Anchorage Alaska, with service and support extending statewide. We understand the dynamic process and performance needs of industrial and municipal equipment and we coordinate our global relationships and resources to partner alongside our engineer and end-user customers to provide quality engineered product solutions. Our focus is on the solutions rather than product sales alone.

Our equipment supports vital processes throughout the state in oil and gas production facilities, refineries and LNG plants, cities, municipalities and villages, military operations, seafood processing and many other Alaskan industries.

We're dedicated to the supporting the economy, the environment and philanthropic organizations statewide. We're actively involved with Alaska's Water and Waste Management Association, Miners Association, Oil & Gas Industry Alliance and the Instrument Society of America (ISA).

Manufacturer's Represented

Corken CompressorsGardner DenverSPX Pneumatic ProductsSiemensMJKMission SCADA
Grundfos PumpsPeerless PumpYeomans Chicago PumpsSPX Pearpoint
Vogelsang PumpsClydeUnion PumpsLeistritz PumpsMagnatex Pumps LogoXerxes Tanks

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